Overview & Benefits

Our goal is to develop floating wind projects that will make a valuable contribution to Europe’s electricity demand.
Opens access to new sites in deeper waters – 80% of Europe’s offshore wind resource is located in waters of 60m or deeper
Accesses higher average wind speeds and allows for optimal spacing
Increases yield and capacity factors leading to competitive Levelised Costs of Energy (LCoE)
Minimises or eliminates the visual impact from the coastline as locations are further out to sea
Floating Wind Potential Floating Wind Potential

Floating Wind Potential

Offshore wind has become a favoured form of renewable energy generation. It is expected to produce 7% – 11% of the EU’s electricity demand by 2030 and has the potential to provide 80% to 180% at a competitive cost of EUR65/MWh or below.

Up to 45% of this energy is identified as coming from floating wind. Therefore to capitalise on Europe’s full offshore wind potential, floating as well as fixed foundation solutions will be required.

7- 11%
of the EU’s electricity demand by 2030
80- 180%
at a competitive cost of EUR65/MWh or below
Up to 45%
of energy is identified as coming from floating wind

Floating Wind Projects

Sea Sapphire

SeaSapphire, powered by Eolus and Simply Blue Group, will utilise innovative and cutting-edge floating offshore wind technologies to produce zero-carbon electricity in 4 wind parks in Sweden and Finland. The development aims to be a stepping stone to help Sweden and Finland progress towards a net-zero future and handle the increasing demand for electricity.

Olympic Offshore Wind

The Olympic Offshore Wind project will form a gateway to commercial offshore wind farms in Northern Ireland.

Skidbladner Floating Wind

The 2 GW Skidbladner Floating Wind Project is located 100Km South-East of Stockholm. In 2022 the Swedish government unveiled a plan to develop offshore wind power projects with 20TWh to 30TWh of annual clean energy generation capacity. The state has identified areas in the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea and North Sea and has marked […]


The 2.75GW Herkules Floating Wind project, is approximately 60 km Southeast of the Island of Gotland. Simply Blue Group is working in collaboration with leading wind energy consultancy Wind Sweden and in total Simply Blue Group and Wind Sweden are planning on developing c. 5 GW of floating wind in Swedish waters. In 2022 the […]

Nomadic Offshore Wind

Nomadic Offshore Wind is a floating wind project, with up to 500MW of capacity, located between Northern Ireland and Islay, Inner Southern Hebrides (Scotland).

Western Star Floating Wind

1.35 GW floating offshore wind farm located 35km off the coast of Co. Clare, Ireland