We work with the ocean to develop blue growth strategies globally and fight climate change.

We are part of a global movement focussed on replacing fossil fuels with clean ocean energy and developing sustainable sources of protein, while developing coastal economies with new projects and investment in happy co-existence.

This enables us to focus on future generations, create a sustainable future and be a good ancestor.

For millennia, humanity has relied upon the oceans.

They have fed us, they have carried us to distant lands, they have entertained us, and they have cleaned our air and absorbed our waste.

Once again, we need their help. This time to address our
climate, food and biodiversity crises, and to save our planet
as we know it.

Simply Blue Energy
We are part of a movement. Some are working with rainforests, some with cities, some with the land. We are working with the oceans.

We develop pioneering blue economy projects – floating offshore wind, wave energy and low impact aquaculture, all in harmony with our oceans.

Simply Blue Energy
Simply Blue Energy

We are committed to creating new economic opportunities for
coastal communities, and to developing projects that coexist
with sustainable fisheries and marine conservation.

We believe in the power of the oceans to decarbonise our world.

We are Simply Blue.

Our Values

At Simply Blue we want our marine projects to make a tangible difference to world sustainability.

We work with people who share our core values of integrity, courage, passion, responsibility and diversity and these values guide our behaviour and interaction with customers, the community and the environment. We believe this enables Simply Blue to attract the best partners to our marine projects and enables stakeholders and the community to be confident in us as a responsible organisation.

Our Values



We take a long-term view and go that extra mile to do the right thing for our stakeholders, the community and the environment.



We seek to learn and innovate from new technologies and have the confidence to make things happen.



We are passionate about developing marine projects that sustain oceans and build local communities.



We take ownership of what we do, looking to find solutions and add value every step of the way.



We embrace and respect differences in our people and the community.

What we do

What we do

Pioneer marine development projects
Advocate for offshore wind power, wave power and sustainable aquaculture
Engage with coastal communities and support stepping-stone developments
Collaborate with like-minded partner
Work with people who value stakeholders, the community and the environment
Where we work Where we work

Where we work

Our Head Office is in Cork, Ireland. In the UK, we have offices in Pembroke in Wales, Newquay in England and Edinburgh in Scotland. Our projects are located in the seas off the Irish and British coast.

Oregon, USA
Oregon, USA
Contact Us Contact Us

Whether, you’re an aligned business, potential partner, supplier, investor, educator, student or influencer, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.