Overview & Benefits

As the world moves away from fossil fuels, the need to produce renewable energy will substantially increase. Electricity already powers a portion of our global energy system; however, it cannot power it all. As a result, alternatives must be sought. 

Around the world, governments and industries are focused on decarbonising the transportation sector, which accounts for approximately one quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions – sustainable fuels will help propel that movement forward. 

Simply Blue Group is part of a global movement to replace fossil fuels with clean energy. Our dedicated Hydrogen and Sustainable Fuels team is focused on the development of competitive sustainable fuels projects, which will use green energy to produce sustainable fuels targeted at aviation and marine transport. 

Projects Projects


Simply Blue Group currently has three large-scale projects in development in Canada, Ireland and Australia. 

All our projects include the construction of a Renewable Energy Park (REP) – a facility used to produce clean fuels using an assortment of technologies. These will produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), bio-methanol, green hydrogen and green ammonia. 

SAF is produced from renewable materials. It is used to power aircraft and can match the performance of conventional jet fuel (derived from fossil fuels) while significantly reducing carbon emissions. It will be used as a “drop in” fuel – meaning it can drop straight into existing fuel infrastructure on aircraft. 

Solar and wind farms will power our REPs with renewable electricity. This self-produced power, local sustainable biomass and water will be used to produce SAF and bio-methanol. Bio-methanol will be used to power ships and create other products. 

Our products will supply local and international markets, and will provide local, long-term economic benefits. These projects will replace fossil fuels with clean renewable energy which will benefit future generations