Overview & Benefits

Simply Blue Group are looking to develop Seaweed farms, as a precursor to exploring larger scale solutions within our offshore wind farms.
In Europe, seaweed farming is not exploited to its full potential, due to the small scale of the enterprises, the limited number of seaweed species and traditional growing techniques. The relative underdevelopment of this industry leaves plenty of room for a strong growth of seaweed production in Irish waters. This sector has a high potential with emerging new fields of application (food, animal feed, bioactive, biomaterials and bioenergy.)
The positive ecological effects of large-scale seaweed farming align with Simply Blues Group’s core message of working with the oceans towards climate change. Seaweed captures CO2, phosphates, nitrates, and releases 02, contributing to a healthier ocean by reducing ocean acidification while providing a suitable habitat for wild fish stock. 
Simply Blue Group are blue economy developers, and aim to partner with leading technology and aquaculture partners to deliver these seaweed operations whilst working closely with the local communities.

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