World Ocean Day: Taking Action

World Ocean Day: Taking Action
Date 07/06/2024
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World Ocean Day: Taking Action

As a renewable energy project developer, our mission extends beyond creating and delivering sustainable solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis. We are dedicated to reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and promoting clean energy, whilst keeping the ocean’s wellbeing at the heart of our efforts. This World Ocean Day is about catalysing action for our ocean and climate, every project we undertake is driven by our commitment to protect and rejuvenate our oceans and our lands.

Our oceans are becoming increasingly more vulnerable to climate change and its numerous impacts like rising sea levels, ocean acidification, ocean warming and deoxygenation. These oceans have absorbed 91% of heat generated by increased greenhouse gas emissions, and approximately 30% of carbon emissions, causing near irreversible damage to the marine life and ecosystems.

As we prepare to celebrate World Ocean Day (Saturday, 8th of June) the urgency to act becomes even clearer. It’s a day we recognize the vital role we all play, both as an organization and as individuals in supporting healthy and clean oceans.

Our renewable energy projects like offshore wind, both fixed and floating, and our recent diversification into sustainable fuels are key to eradicating the need for fossil fuels. Whilst our marine energy projects like our recent consortium with North Sea Farmers; to develop the world’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm co-located within an offshore wind farm, is crucial to decreasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and mitigating the impacts of ocean acidification. Like trees, seaweed absorbs nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, thereby being part of the solution to climate change and ocean acidification.

Importantly, we consider the impact on local and coastal communities and are committed to creating new economic opportunities for these communities. By attracting investment in such communities through sustainable development of energy projects, we are bringing the local supply chain into the transition to a low-carbon economy.

This week, in support of these local and coastal communities, the Simply Blue Group team around the world will be participating in a global clean-up of their local beaches, rivers, waterways or canals. Our initiative highlights, that maintaining a healthy ocean not only requires us to develop clean energy to support a stable climate, but also requires individuals action to improve and sustain ocean health. This World Ocean Day, we invite you to join us in making a difference! 

We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences – stay tuned on our LinkedIn to see how it went!

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