Floating Offshore Wind Challenge For Youth Launched

Floating Offshore Wind Challenge For Youth Launched
Date 08/11/2022
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Floating Offshore Wind Challenge For Youth Launched

We are excited to launch the “Floating Offshore Wind Challenge for Youth”, an engineering competition targeting secondary school students. This challenge provides students with the opportunity to co-create, with academic and corporate consultancy support, modern solutions for floating wind energy generation for the rapidly growing global offshore sector.

Teams will use a computer simulation challenging them to solve the basic task of a floating structure designer, which includes balancing weight and buoyancy, and ensuring the initial stability of the structure. The main task of the challenge is to design a floating platform for a wind turbine so that it does not capsize or sink! Once this is complete the top participants will start building real models of their designed structures during several sessions at the Gdansk University of Technology.

The main advantages of this project, which will last nearly two and a half months, will be the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the main types of offshore wind platforms, understand the principles of designing floating offshore structures, and experience the work of an engineer (participation in tests on a model pool using professional equipment such as a wave generator or an optical displacement measurement system).

The project is supported and developed by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding at Gdansk University of Technology, Employers of Pomorze, Vulcan Training & Consultancy, CEE Energy Group and sponsored by Simply Blue Group.

We wish all the participants the best of luck!


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