Who are Simply Blue Group?

Simply Blue Group (SBG), established in 2011, is a blue economy project developer, working with the sea to help deliver long-term sustainable projects that will be part of mankind’s move towards one planet living. This might be capturing energy through floating offshore wind or wave projects, or through producing food by developing sites forsustainable aquaculture farms.

SBG searches out the best opportunities and bringstogetherthe right partners to create an investable proposition in a natural resource that can deliver sustainable value for the planet’s future. Simply Blue Group has approx. 50 employees.

It has an excellent reputation for innovation and delivery in the developing blue economy space and has partnered with multiple large corporations with the highest standards of corporate governance. This has been achieved by a small team of talented and committed entrepreneurs.

Brief description of your role

Your role is to support the growth of the company globally by aligning employee-driven policies and practices with the business strategy of the company.

This will involve acquiring, developing, and positioning the best talent in the market, combined with efficient deployment of resources, to deliver the company’s goals.

How what you do adds value

You will foster a motivated and high performing workforce and ensure deep organisational memory and know how. You will look across the multidimensional aspects of the employee experience and tailor that experience to what matters most to people.

You will apply modern thinking, innovative policies and up to date systems that help deliver an outstanding employee experience which distinguish us from the competition and makes us the employer of choice for talent.

What success looks like

• We are a company that invests primarily in its staff; ensuring that irrespective of where in the world they work our staff feel part of the same family, working towards the same vision and having everything they need to deliver their best performance for themselves, for the company and for the planet.

• World class people driven policies, systems and approaches to resource allocation that drive company efficiency and effectiveness

• “Continuous improvement” is embedded in business as usual

• We have a reputation for being the best place to work in the sector

• We are a learning organisation: fostering the creation of skill and knowledge in all employees and offering opportunities for growth within the company.

• Staff engagement is high and the quality and quantity of exceptional people wanting to work for us is humbling


Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Defining the recruitment strategy to create a healthy pipeline of diverse talent, aligned with our
    values, and including an expanded internship program.
  • Developing an unbeatable employee value proposition and broadcasting it to where the best people
  • Overseeing new recruits all important first contact with the company and accelerating their transition
    to effective performer.

Performance management

  • Driving a strong performance management ethos through the company, embedded in regular reviews
    and a constructive feedback culture.
  • Setting a framework, policy, and processes for assessment of staff performance.
  • Supporting management through performance appraisal processes and linking outputs to promotion, development, and remuneration.
  • Staff engagement, culture, and wellbeing
  • Upholding and promoting the vision, values, and culture of the company.
  • Promoting exceptional internal communication across the company
  • Maintaining the highest standards of HSE across the group including access to wellness and mental
    health support.
  • Developing and executing an annual culture survey to monitor levels of staff engagement, communication, and related measures of organisational health.

Staff development

  • Reaching across the business to identify talent, and (in concert with their managers) provide “stretch” and development through direct training, junior leadership roles, participation in cross functional project teams, exposure to different parts of the business globally, and accelerated promotion.
  • Actively promoting a culture of sharing of best practice across the group in real time, and collegiate working.

Rewards, recognition, and benefits

  • Developing a structure of salary, benefits and rewards which are benchmarked within the sector and, combined with a culture of recognition, motivates staff and are aligned with the values and vision of the company.

Employee relations/ Legal

  • Advise management in interpreting and applying local employment law and regulation fairly, equitably, and consistently in all dealings with staff.

Business partnering

  • Identifying, selecting, and managing business partners to provide specialist technical services that the organisation decides to outsource.

Resource Planning and Management

  • Maintaining a forward-looking resource plan, including our JVs, to identify where skills or capacity, or
    other resource gaps, may exist in the next 12-24 months.
  • Putting in place a succession plan for senior and mid-level staff positions and tying this to staff
    development where possible.

Experience Required

Skills Experience/qualifications Attitude

  • Knowledge of labour law and
  • HR systems and best practices.
  • Exceptional communicator-Competence to build strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Excellent negotiator.
  • Ability to utilise social media platforms to attract talent
  • Knowledge of HR technology and metrics.
  • Post graduate degree in Human resources or related field.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in similar role.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a related role.
  • People centric
  • Empathetic
  • Results driven
  • Optimistic
  • Approachable
  • Balanced and fair
  • Consistent

If you feel you would be a good fit for this job,
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