The Knowledge Manager will be a core part of the Development Services Team and will develop, implement, and oversee an approach for capturing, curating, and promoting critical knowledge sharing across the business.

To view the full job description in pdf 220604-GEN-SBG-Knowledge Manager Vacancy


  • Develop a KM approach which ensures that project developers have timely access to internal and external knowledge to accelerate progress
  • Actively promote, lead, and oversee a culture of sharing of knowledge products and best practice across the group
  • Define what constitutes critical knowledge and identifying internal and external sources
  • Ensure that project based confidential information and intellectual property is appropriately recognised and protected
  • Develop and curate an intuitive IT platform to facilitate rapid access to the right knowledge products at the right time
  • Produce and curate relevant knowledge products (templates, tools, frameworks, processes, etc.)
  • Build and manage a network of knowledge focal points within the company to drive rapid two-way knowledge exchange
  • Participate in monthly technical forums for the relevant project development disciplines and ensure knowledge exchange activities are built within and between disciplines

Experience Required

  • Excellent organisation abilities
  • Excellent communicator and coordinator
  • Ability to utilise IT platforms such as Sharepoint and PowerBI
  • Strong project administration skills


  • Demonstrated effectiveness in a similar role elsewhere
  • Relevant post graduate degree


  • Personal, facilitative & supportive
  • ¬†Attention to detail
  • Values and mission aligned with SBG
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment


If you feel you would be a good fit for this job,
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