Simply Blue Group has an ambitious growth plan and is now working to expand our development portfolio globally. Your role is to support this growth and act as a key member in the new ‘Insights’ division. This new internal division has a remit on controlling the vast amount of Simply Blue information, research, data and learnings across the group. The new ‘Insights’ division will provide high-quality business intelligence relating to strategic planning, development, operations and commissioning activities within the group. This will be achieved through the application of research, tools and procedure development, research, project oversight, data management, quality control and data presentation and reporting skills.

As an Insights Analyst your role will be to support the growth and delivery aspects of this new division by collecting and analysing data, performing analysis and supporting the wider Insights team etc. As a central member of Simply Blue Group you will provide support across all our projects and regions.


How What You Do Adds Value to Simply Blue Group

You are a key part of the ‘Insights’ division ensuring that Simply Blue Group data and insights of various forms is easily stored, managed, and made available for others. In addition, the ‘Insights’ division will be responsible for combining this data and using analysis to find meaning in and increased understanding of a situation, resulting in a competitive advantage for the business.

Insights will build processes and oversee internal R&D to ensure a coordinated approach is maintained internally and that group-wide learnings can be extracted and shared. At its core, Insights is about ensuring the Group is able to build a central repository of information, data and knowledge that will allow project leaders and business leaders to make the most informed decisions. Insights will also oversee and manage group processes, quality, and risk management.

What Success Looks Like / Major Responsibilities

Your success in these roles will be based on the following:

  • Your ability to source, organise, model and store data in an efficient manner to support reporting, project delivery and knowledge management.
  • Manage your workload efficiently, keeping key internal stakeholders informed of progress.
  • Deliver work to a high standard.
  • Be organised, and maintain well-structured, accurate information.
  • Evaluate, simplify, and evolve existing processes to drive efficiency.
  • Leverage data to improve decision making and the value proposition.
  • Design & develop processes to support agility and productivity.
  • Comply with all company policies, eg. Health and safety, GDPR.
  • Full job description here SBG Insights Analyst

Our business language is English. All applications are to be submitted in English.

Experience Required


  • Practical ability to utilise critical data analysis concepts.
  • Ability to work in a close and agile portfolio team overseeing numerous projects.
  • Ability to monitor and oversee a multi-project portfolio with numerous concurrent work fronts.
  • Ability to gather and organise data in order to provide valuable insights to rest of group.


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in similar role.
  • Educated to degree level in relevant subject.
  • Effective communication within team and with stakeholders.
  • Computer literate & experienced in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Experienced Microsoft Office user with experience in use of SharePoint, PowerBI etc.


  • Organised
  • Flexible
  • Detail Oriented
  • Adaptable.
  • Problem Solver.
  • Interest in the renewable energy sector

If you feel you would be a good fit for this job,
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