Your role is to support the project development activities within the company globally. This will be achieved by supporting senior colleagues in all aspects of the early development phases of projects. As an entry-level position it is envisaged that you will undertake activities in both the engineering and consenting side of the development process to enable you to choose your future career path in renewables and support the growth of the company and the renewables industry.

Click here to download the full job description in pdf 24.05.22 SBG Development Associate (Spain)


Engineering Responsibilities

  • Provide input on engineering and wider technical matters in support of early offshore wind project development activities.
  • Support the engineering activities for site selection ensuring that technical parameters are understood and technical risks are mitigated.
  • Support the development phase of the engineering programme and identify all key activities required to progress project activities.
  • Support Development budget creation & maintenance
  • Interact with consultants to deliver early project work
  • Support early partner identification and interaction
  • Ensure appropriate engineering governance are put in place and managed, including the creation, development and upkeep of risk registers.
  • Keep a view of and monitor offshore wind technology development to ensure that the opportunities for innovation are maximised.
  • Assist in providing engineering support to other Simply Blue opportunities as required

Consenting Responsibilities

  • Assist in the development of environmental and/or consenting relating tasks for the site selection process and associated risks.
  • Support the leasing processes, coordinate the input required and ensure the high quality of documents.
  • Support the development of consenting related budgets and programmes aligned to the required consenting activities.
  • Support the stakeholder management process and be involved in the engagement with environmental and consenting stakeholders.

Personal Development

  • Manage your own personal development aligned to personal and group level goals and strategies.


Experience Required

Skills Experience/qualifications Attitude
– Knowledge of renewable energy industry

– Very good project development understanding- Team player

– Exceptional communicator

– Competence to build strong interpersonal relationships.

– Excellent negotiator

– Fluent English is mandatory

– Additional languages such as Spanish, Italian, Greek or Polish will be viewed favourably on the application

 – Graduate degree in engineering or environmental field

– Demonstrated effectiveness in similar role- 3-5 years’ experience in similar or related role

-People centric


-Results driven



-Balanced and fair




If you feel you would be a good fit for this job,
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